Honduras, an unspoiled paradise

Made in Honduras


My name is Marcio Barrios, my mother is Spanish and my father Honduran, I grew up in Spain but I have lots of family and friends in Honduras, I love both countries but I have a special feeling for Honduras, I've known incredible places and awesome people there, and I've lived some unique experiences.

This project is the result of several of my hobbies, I work as a web developer, so I enjoy creating websites, I like photography, so in my travels to Honduras I took thousands of photos of landscapes, animals or people, and of course I love to travel and I love adventure, and that's easy to find in Honduras.

In fact this project was already launched in 2008, but I decided to close it because some technical problems and because I found my photos without permission in different Honduran sites (from La Prensa website to some Honduras travel agency), and the pictures were not made to earn money, but to spread admiration for Honduras.