Honduras, an unspoiled paradise

Made in Honduras


Roatán is a Caribbean island, top notch destination for divers and cruiser travelers.

Cayos Cochinos

A group of 2 islands and 13 cays in the Honduran Caribbean.

Pico Bonito

A tropical forest next to the Caribbean sea.


Divers' and backpackers' paradise.

Yojoa Lake and Pulhapanzak

The biggest lake in Honduras and its wonderful surroundings.

La Ceiba and surroundings

The Eco-Tourism Capital of Honduras has lots of great nature spots nearby.


Copán Ruinas village and the Mayan ruins have an incredible atmosphere that brings you to a mysterious past.

Cuero y Salado

Wildlife Refuge Cuero y Salado is a protected area in front of the Caribbean Sea between the rivers Cuero and Salado.

Jeanette Kawas National Park

Jeanette Kawas National Park is made up of varied marine, terrestrial and wetlands ecosystems with a large number of species.